From unemployed real estate agent to inventor, entrepreneur, TV
spokesperson and now mentor to NASA's aerospace engineers. How a 
"Boomerpreneur" turned a pink slip into a red hot business.
In today's volatile economic market, millions of experienced and dedicated employees are out of work and searching for new income opportunities. Boomers, (born between 1946 - 1964) find it especially difficult to change careers and start over. What do you do when your job no longer exists?

You create one!

Jean Newell, a 35 year veteran Realtor, set out to prove the nay Sayers wrong who told her she did not have the credentials needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. Jean became a designer/inventor and developed a line of wearable organizer bags called PUPs. (acronym for personal utility pouch) and successfully self-marketed them to retail chains, catalogs and QVC. She quickly became a sought after expert and speaker on the subject of starting over. After appearing on the TODAY Show, during the segment, "Fearless Boomers Starting Over," Jean was commissioned by NASA to mentor the aerospace engineers who are facing the closing of the space program.

Jean has added author to her title with her new  book "How to Turn Your Pink Slip into a Red Hot Business."  This book on cd, invites the reader to take inventory of their lives and to explore opportunities they  can convert into new business ventures. Included with your book is a bonus audio interview of Jean during one of her New York radio appearances, "The Secret to Success".

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"How To Turn Your Pink Slip Into A Red Hot Business" book on CD includes a BONUS radio Interview - "The Secrets of Success"